Heartland Center Course Notes

Dec 7, 2019
Registration and Starts 10:00 - 11:30 am
Last Start 11:30 am
Courses close (controls will be picked up) 1:30 pm


Intro          2.0 km    9 controls
Middle      3.7          10
Long         4.9          12

Attached is a site map.  Registration, start, and finish are in the Trask house (indoor plumbing, yoo-hoo), but there is very limited parking.  Park is just up the hill and circled on the map.  There is a path around or you can walk straight south down the hill.

Lots of leaf cover on some trails, and they can be slippery if wet.  Also, all controls will have to go through fences.  Horses may or may not be present in some areas.

Site Map