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Jan 26 (Sat)
10:00 - 12:00 Registration and Starts
12:00 noon Last Start
2:00 pm Courses close

Smithville Lake
3 courses: Beginner 3.4 km, Intermediate 4.7km, Advanced 5.8 km
$5.00 per car parking fee (pay at entrance)

Sailboat Cove, Smithville Lake
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Feb 9 (Sat) Blue and Gray Park Lone Jack, MO
Feb 16 (Sat) Rockcrusher (Orienteer Kansas)
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Clinton Lake, KS
Feb 24 (Sun) Overlook Park (Orienteer Kansas)
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Clinton Lake, KS
Mar 3 (Sun) Slough Creek (Orienteer Kansas)
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Perry Lake, KS
Mar 9 (Sat) Weston Bend State Park Weston, MO
Apr 27 (Sat) Ernie Miller Beginner Clinic Olathe, KS