Possum Trot XIV Report

Heartland Presbyterian Center
December 5, 2010

Possum Trot XIV took place on December 5, 2010 at Heartland Presbyterian Center, just west of Parkville, Missouri. The weather was good for a Possum Trot: clear skies, wind light and variable, and the temperature in the 20's.

There were a few glitches before the beginning of the race. The course for the Possum Trot had to be changed within the prior week because of a mix-up with land access. We were denied access to a rugged area at the southwest corner of the property, and Mike Shifman, the course setter, had to drop a few controls and shorten the course. Then Dick Neuburger, the director failed to bring enough maps for the first loop of the 2-map course. But we managed to save the situation by substituting the maps for the first loop with the Short Possum maps (which were identical to the first loop maps) and then sending the Short Possum orienteers out on the 2nd loop maps. The Short Possum got a shorter course, but we didn't hear too many complaints.

27 started the longer course, Possum Trot XIV, but 4 elected to stop after the first loop (they became the Middle Possum runners). There were 16 participants of the Short Possum and 21 runners in the Regular courses (White through Green).

In the longer Possum Trot XIV, Eric Buckley won his 2nd Dead Possum; he was followed by Michael Eglinski, and Phil Nicolas. Cristina Luis won her first Dead Possum and was 3rd Overall. Anna Shafer-Skelton was 2nd and Julia Bohnen was 3rd.

In the Short Possum, Joe Barrett won easily, beating 2nd place Chris Fielding by 15 minutes. Rick Armstrong was 3rd. For the females, Carmen McDowell was 1st, followed by Ashlyn Slusher, and Sev Acker.

Reta Roe did a wonderful job cooking up some hot chili and corn bread muffins for the finishers. She was assisted by Nick Hockman, who also provided snacks for the Regular courses. Paul Clatterbuck and Peter Gogol helped with the map exchange, warming fire, and results. And thanks again to Mary Jones for taking split times at the map exchange.