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UPCOMING EVENTS [Check Schedule for detailed information]

  • Oct 24 - Ernie Miller Beginner clinic (See Schedule page for more info.)
  • Dec 5 - Lake Jacomo (Fleming Park)
  • Heritage Park (virtual course using UsynligO) More info...
  • Northwood Trails (virtual course using UsynligO) More info....
  • Water Tower Park (virtual course using UsynligO) More info...
  • Four Lawrence Parks( virtual course on UsynligO) More info....
  • West Campus (virtual course using UsynligO) More info...


What is Orienteering ?

Orienteering is the skill of navigating through an unfamiliar area using a detailed map and perhaps a magnetic compass. It can be either an enjoyable recreational activity for all ages or a competitive sport involving endurance and ingenuity. Events usually take place in city, county, or state parks, and beginner courses are available at every event. Come join us! Beginners and non-members are always welcome. "Remember, orienteering is like a treasure hunt; only an 'O' marks the spot."

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Orienteering ControlAbout Possum Trot Orienteering Club

POSSUM TROT ORIENTEERING CLUB, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a charter member of OrienteeringUSA, a Recognized Sport of the US Olympic Committee. PTOC serves the interests of orienteers in the Kansas City area by sponsoring local and regional events, producing detailed orienteering maps of public parks and private camps, and providing instruction in the sport of orienteering.