Bonner Springs Park Night Score-O

November 21, 2009
Course Setter: Dan Welch
WX: Partly cloudy, temp in 50's

High scores were common at the Bonner Springs Park night Score-O.  So common that about half of our 26 possum entries got a perfect score with the rest not being far behind.  Grins abounded all around.
The weather was near 50 degrees with mostly overcast but rain free skies at sunset.  Perfect for running.  The Score-O was set knowing that the optium run distance was slightly over 5km with a greatly different alternative less than 0.1km longer.  All our very fast Possums reported using some minor variation of the optium route but none noticed the great alternative.  This gives me new ideas for our next Bonner Springs night Score-O.
Many thanks to those folks that helped me put it on; Rita Roe for acepting entries as well as scoring; Dick Neuberger for patient aid and all around help; Nick Hockman for a second shopping trip for treats; and Kevin Shipley the man behind the scenes so helpful with the maps.
Dan Welch