Tall Oaks Conference Center

November 7, 2010

It was a great day for Orienteering.  The weather was bright and cloudless, and warmed into the low 70’s. There were 40 starts and 75 participants.

Competitively, in the individual competition Sarah Barrett won White,The Challenged won Yellow, The Keel haulers #1 won Orange, Jeff Richards won Green, and Mike Eglinski won Red.
Many thanks to those who helped run the meet.  Specific thanks to Dick and Nancy Neuburger for vetting and control hanging, Reta Roe for registration, Nick Hochman for registration, refreshments and cleanup, and Mike Eglinski for helping with Timing.

A big thanks to Matt, Joe, Cate and Angie Barrett as well as Dick Neuburger for control pickup.

Reported by Paul Clatterbuck