Wyandotte County Park (Bonner Springs Park) 1-hr Night Score O

Saturday evening, February 26, 2011
Weather: Foggy, 32 degrees, snow on the ground
Course Setter: Dan Welch

Saturday night was a celebration of snowy winter.  About 30 possums came to Wyandotte County Park at Bonner Springs for a wind less night 1 hour Score-O in the snow.   Very clear and partly dry Park roads became a determining feature of route choice between Controls in this very open land.  Most all reported slideing into a drift somewhere but none seemed to think the snow detracted from the Event.  Instead, everyone seemed to revel in the weather.

Six possums managed to get a perfect 600 score, punching all 24 Conrtols within the time alloted.  One team lost track of the time and came in 11 minutes late to suffer a stiff penality.  The two race leaders, Jason Elsenraat and Mike Eglinski came in that order 10 seconds apart from different directions for a dramatic finish well before the next possum over 13 minutes later.  In general all scores were very high.  The shortest possible distance to punch all Controls was just a touch over 6km so all possums were very fast.

Today Course setters use electronic map tools to design and publish Event maps.  Map updates and Course design was all ready when this setter ran into last minute troubles; it took many attempts to get my floppy discs to e-mail correctly from my public library.  And when it didn't work for the 4th round trip, I was about to kill my computer system when my monitor anticipated the possibility and went totally dead.  Dick Neuberger, who published the Score-O maps, was amazingly patient as I tried again.  Both Dick and Paul Clatterback helped place Controls as my available time ran out on Friday.  Nancy Neuburger vetted the Score-O and her notes were added to Event clues.  Nick Hockman again appeared to help Reta Roe with registration as well as with treats.  I lost track of those that picked up Controls but thank them as well.

Submitted by Dan Welch