Hodge Park Night Orienteering report

December 12, 2015
by Reta Roe

After a week of prognostications of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and wind by the weather service, participants in the Night-O at Hodge Park enjoyed mid-60's throughout the evening.

Planning because of these prognostication (prevarications?) involved my bringing my winter coat and my Gore-Tex jacket, but we were pretty much all in shirtsleeves all evening.  We had also made plans to bring registration indoors at the Shoal Creek Living History Museum, located inside the park.  We used the historic schoolhouse, complete with a dunce stool and dunce cap.  This inspired one team to use “The Dunces” as their team name.

Martha Edmunds, president of the Museum Board, helped us with needs such as lights in the schoolhouse, and performed meet-and-greet duties.  Kudoes to Martha!  We had a wonderful experience.

Thank yous are also extended to Paul Clatterbuck, who went the extra mile by helping to put out controls, and then picked them back up, aided by Dick Neuburger, Mike Shifman, and Dick Luckerman.  Nick Hockman did his usual masterful job of furnishing snacks and helping with registration, and a thank-you also to Mike Stewart, who helped greatly with clean-up.   Eric Shumaker posted results, and Mary Jones fixed the glitch in the control program.  Also, a special thank-you to Bob, who again saved my bacon by transporting the e-sticks and printer.

All in all, a great evening, and a wonderful venue.