Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park Sprint
May 19, 2007
By Dick Neuburger

There were 14 participants in this year’s Sprint orienteering event preceding the Potluck Picnic and Annual Meeting.  Dick Neuburger had designed a 2.36-km long course with 15 controls.  Points were earned towards the Sprint Series Final on September 22 in Western Connecticut ( ).  Michael Eglinski won the male division with a time of 13:29, and Mary Jones won the female division (32:25).  Two Steppers were the fastest group and the Yellow Spotted Lizards, a Boy Scout Patrol and first-timers, were second. Thanks to Bruce Bikson and Howard Robison for control pickup.

It was a beautiful day with the temperature close to 80 F.

The event was followed by the annual Potluck Picnic and Annual Meeting.  There were about 15 attendees.  The year’s events were reviewed and Applebee’s gift certificates were awarded to those  members who helped the club be a success.  The Board of Directors was elected: Casey Caughron, Eric Saggars, Kevin Shipley, Kelly Sumner, and Dick Neuburger.  Dick Neuburger, President; Eric Saggars, Vice-President; Reta Roe, Secretary; and Bea Coleton, Treasurer were then elected by the Board of Directors.