The Sprints (Loose Park and Jewish Community Campus)
May 5, 2007
By Dick Neuburger

Course setter Mike Shifman had the idea to host two Sprints on the same day to attract orienteers to come from greater distances.  But it didn’t work.  Evidently, a short easy race in an open park is not enough of an enticement for Kansas City area orienteers to enjoy what is becoming a very popular variation of orienteering across the world.  Check out Peter Gagarin’s Sprint Series website ( to observe the results of 118 US races so far in 2007.

The first race in the morning was at Jacob Loose Park, just south of the Plaza.  There were 14 controls along the 2.4-km course throughout the park.  Luckily, we didn’t disturb any of the frequent weddings held in the Rose Garden this time of year.  Paul Clatterbuck was the fastest male, just edging Gene Wee, at 15:08 (min:sec).  Mary Jones earned 30 points for the Sprint Series Finals in September by being the first female.  Welcome to the Banda Panthers who joined us for their first orienteering experience.

The second race was held at the Jewish Community Campus in Overland Park, next to the Sprint (the phone company) Campus.  The 1.8-km course had 13 controls set out by Mike Shifman.  Gene Wee got his revenge from the morning race by beating Paul Clatterbuck by 8 seconds.  In the female division, new-comer Rachel Westendorf edged Mary Jones by just 5 seconds.  The group division was even closer: Two Steppers eked out a victory over the Monkeys by just 3 seconds.

It was a beautiful day for racing.  Too bad so few people enjoyed it.  Thank you to Mike Shifman for course setting, Reta Roe for registration, and Paul Clatterbuck for control pickup.