Colorado 5-Day
by Reta Roe

            I just returned from attending the Colorado 5-Day, which ran from Friday, August 3 through Sunday, August 12, which actually is ten days.   We were at altitude in Colorado, which means while you sweltered in Kansas City, we were at very comfortable temperatures in Colorado.  The only negative to the weather was the frequent showers and storms in the afternoon and evening, which are somewhat undesirable when staying in tents. 

            PTOC (and OK) were well represented with Paul Clatterbuck, Mike Eglinski and Mary Jones, Brian and Denise Looper, Dick and Nancy Neuburger, Reta Roe, and Mike Shifman attending some or all events.

            The Peaceful Valley Classic 2-day was held at the Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Ranch on the first Saturday and Sunday.  Scores for the two day event were added together, and Reta Roe managed a third place award for the F60+ class.

            The US Night Course Championships were also held at Peaceful Valley on Wednesday, August 8, and Mike Shifman received a medal for third place in the M65+ class.

            In addition to these events, many courses were available from Friday through Wednesday.  Reta Roe received certification as a trainer for the Zero to Orange in Three Days, and Dick Neuburger received certification at the Junior Coaching Clinic.  Dick also attended an interesting session on e-punching.

            Several PTOC members participated on Thursday, August 9, in the Trail Orienteering Demonstration at the beautiful location of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  Trail-O is designed for people with limited mobility, but it is mentally very challenging. 

            The action moved to Woodland Park for the US Short-O and Long-O Championships and the USOF annual meeting.  Dick Neuburger was the PTOC delegate to the meeting, and Paul Clatterbuck and Reta Roe also attended as alternate delegates.  We elected officers, including the first new president in eight years.

            The US Short-O Championship was held on Friday, August 10, and Dick Neuburger is the new US Short-O Champ in the M60+ class.  Reta Roe also received a second place medal for Short-O in the F60+ class.  Nancy Neuburger was a much needed volunteer for the event.

            The next day was the US Long-O Championships, held at Saylor Park at an altitude in excess of 9,000 feet.  Mary Jones placed third in the F40+ class and Reta Roe placed third in the F60+ class.

            The event was capped off with the relay on Sunday, August 12.  I had a great time, and encourage all PTOC members to try to attend an A-meet.  While participation was great fun, interacting with orienteers from other clubs was even more fun.