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Schedules of orienteering events

  • Possum Trot Orienteering Club ( events:
    • The most up-to-date information is found on the home page of PTOC under the heading Upcoming Events.
    • A schedule for the entire season (September - June) is found on the Schedule page.
    • Additional information about each event can be found by clicking the Event Calendar button to the left of the Photo Gallery. By hovering your mouse pointer over the selected event you can see the courses available, fees, and other info about the event. (This feature is not active at this time.)
  • Regional, national, and international events:

Locations of orienteering events

  • Possum Trot Orienteering Club meet locations are shown by clicking the MapQuest button left of the Photo Gallery.(Not activated at this time.)
  • More general information is on the Park Info page.

Choosing a course

  • Before you register you must choose a course. More information about courses is on the Courses page of this site.

Groups, individuals, and fees

  • You may participate as either an individual or as a group. In fact, if the park allows it, you can bring your pets as well. PTOC recommends that you keep groups small, so that each participant can experience the fun and challenge of reading and following the map.
  • Each entry, group or individual, is $6.00 ($5.00 for PTOC members). Some events that offer prizes and/or meals may cost up to $15.00 per person.
  • Each entry, group or individual, receives an orienteering map, a clue sheet, a control card, and a protective cover for the map. One map is included with each entry, but PTOC recommends that each participant have a map. Extra maps are $2.00 each. Compasses can be rented for $1.00.

Getting registered

  • Online registration (Not activated at this time): PTOC prefers that you utilize online registration. This allows us to plan for printing maps (sometimes, those who register online will get pre-printed maps) and to plan for manpower and refreshments. Also, when you arrive at the meet site, you do not need to fill out the registration form, speeding up the on-site process. You will need to use your email address and create a password when you sign in to the online registration site. The form asks for name,group name, address, phone, birthdate, and automobile description (to help us determine who might still be on a course). You must also choose a course, although this may be changed at the meet site. You may also pre-pay the fees by credit card using PayPal.
  • Registering at the meet: Before filling out the registration form, please decide which course to run and, if you are a group, how to organize your group and to choose a group name. At most meets, the available courses will be displayed at the map table.. At the registration table you will fill out a registration form (this is already filled out if you registered online), pay the fees, and receive a blank map (unless it is a mass start), clue sheet, control card, and protective cover.


Meet procedures

Choosing a course
Meet fees
Start procedures
Finish procedures
Orienteering gear (>O'Gear)