Clark Maxfield Possum Trot III Email

From: Clark N. Maxfield

To: Richard A. Neuburger

Subject: Possum Trot Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 5:24 PM

Dear Dick, Despite or because of the weather, I really enjoyed the Possum Trot this year. You are correct: it is becoming a cult classic. The challenge of running that long, through the snow and cold, with a bunch of other people that you respect, really was exhilarating. And when the snow stopped, the skies cleared, and that bright Missouri sun came out at 11am on that Sunday morning, why it was almost a religious experience! Thanks to you and Mike Shifman, and all the others who probably got very cold setting up the event. Would you please email me a copy of the results? I can't get to the web on my small Mac.


Clark Maxfield