Possum Trot VIII, Camp Naish, December 5, 2004

Comments by Michael Eglinski

I ran the Possum Trot today and had a decent race. Check out the results if you are really interested.

The map below show my routes (click on the image for higher resolution).

The Trot is a mass start race. To spread the field and give something extra to think about you are allowed to skip any two controls. I saved my skips until the very end when I skipped 22 and 23.

The course was relatively short at 12.8 km with no skips. But the forest is a bit thick, slowing the times (Mike Platt's ran a tick under 7:30/km). We started in cool, but dry weather. But by the time I'd reached 12 it had begun to rain. The rain made the rocks bit slippery.

The Trot is always fun, but this year's event was especially fun. The course and terrain were interesting from start to finish. A great event.